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N23W such as a good and funny car. With 30.6kgm touqe which is more than enough for normal drive. Espically the funny look can kill the EVO, WRX and VTEC easily. Ha Ha....

     1991 Mitsubishi RVR

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1991 mitsubishi rvr 1991 mitsubishi rvr  

Modifications produced from february 1991 Mitsubishi RVR

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# ModificationBody type DriveTransFuelDisplacement, litres Engine modelFramePrice, kYen
1 S MV&1Box FF MT G 2.04G63E-N13W-SNJM 1396
2 Z MV&1Box FF MT G 1.84G93E-N11W-SNUE 1421
3 S MV&1Box FF AT G 2.04G63E-N13W-SRJM 1484
4 Z MV&1Box FF AT G 1.84G93E-N11W-SRUE 1509
5 R MV&1Box 4WD MT G 2.04G63E-N23W-SNJM 1688
6 Z MV&1Box 4WD MT G 1.84G93E-N21W-SNUE 1708
7 R MV&1Box 4WD AT G 2.04G63E-N23W-SRJM 1776
8 Z MV&1Box 4WD AT G 1.84G93E-N21W-SRUE 1796
9 X MV&1Box 4WD MT G 2.04G63E-N23W-SNGM 1885
10 X MV&1Box 4WD AT G 2.04G63E-N23W-SRGM 1973

S - Z - R - X
1991 Mitsubishi RVR
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007